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Borderlands and peacebuilding: a view from the margins

Just launched yesterday is the new publication from Conciliation Resources, “Borderlands and peacebuilding: a view from the margins”. Included are seven maps I made to accompany case studies on peacebuilding in seven border areas around the world. From C-R’s website:

“This fourth Accord Insight publication looks at peacebuilding in borderland regions and how peace and transition processes address the interests of borderland communities. The publication looks at seven case studies of peacebuilding in borderlands: Bab al-Hawa, Idlib on the Syria-Turkey border; north-eastern Kenya, bordering Somalia and Ethiopia; the Medenine and Tataouine governorates of Tunisia; Northern Ireland; the Donbas region of Ukraine which borders Russia; the Tarai region of Nepal on the border with India; and Shan and Kachin states in Myanmar, bordering China. These show how transition processes look very different when viewed from the margins of states and provide important lessons for peacebuilding policy and practice.”

Download the pdf here. More info here.


Fighting SUS Publication

SO happy to have been a part of this project!

“In England and Wales, the ‘sus law’ became the informal name for section 4 of the Vagrancy Act 1824 which permitted a police officer to stop and potentially convict individuals as ‘suspected persons.’ Section 4 was repealed in 1981 following uprisings in Brixton.”

Why was a Victorian vagrancy act, intended to prevent ‘begging, showing wounds’ and ‘telling fortunes’, used to criminalise minority groups in the 1970s and 1980s? Who brought a stop to it? Who is under suspicion today?

Fighting SUS is a youth-led oral history project which has investigated the near 200 year history of this law and its legacy in Britain today through oral histories with individuals affected by the sus law as well as evidence in archives such as the Bishopsgate Institute, National Archive and George Padmore Institute.”

For full list of stories, please see Short Stories section.


La Lucha Book Tour 2018 - Italy and Spain

La Lucha is now available in Italy and Spain, and there are many launches happening in both countries this month.  Below are  launch events occurring in Italy, featuring Ruth Fierro, the director of the Centro de los Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres in Chihuahua, Mexico.  Here's the link to purchase a copy in Italian, and here's a link to purchase the book in Spain.  Launch event details in Spain to be confirmed soon, but will be happening 19 - 22 of March, including a presentation to the Spanish Parliament on  March 20th. 


7 - 17 MARCH

7 March, 17.00
Mondadori Bookstore
Corso Mazzini 156

With Nate a Sud and Centro Women's Studies Milly Villa

8 March, 18.00
Mondadori Point
Corso Roma 63

With Nate a Sud and Centro Women's Studies Milly Villa

12 March, 18.30
Casa delle Donne
via Marsala 8, Milano

With journalists Cynthia Rodriguez and Laura Filios

13 March, 18.00
Librati - Libreria delle Donne
via San Gregorio Barbarigo 91, Padova

14 March, 18.00
Libreria Coop Zanichelli
Piazza Galvani 1/H, Bologna

With LGBT activist and human rights lawyer Cathy La Torre

15 March, 18.30
Libreria Feltrinelli
Corso Vannucci 78, Perugia

With Liberamente Donna and Non Una Di Meno - Perugia

16 March, 18.00
Festa dei Libri e della Lettura - Libri Come
Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma

16 March, 21.00
Lucha y Siesta - 10 anni di Desideri e Rivoluzione
Angelo Mai, Roma

Below the Ten

new lita.jpg

Three new pieces for KCRW's series Below the Ten, about life in South LA, by journalist and radio producer David Weinberg. 
The three particular stories I illustrated are a part of a series called Peacemakers, about gangs and gang intervention, from the perspectives of a former LAPD officer, a former gang member, and an activist. 

Outstanding Comics of 2015

La Lucha was included in the Village Voice's Outstanding Comics of 2015.  Woop!

"No matter what you're accomplishing in your life, you'll realize it's not enough when you read La Lucha (Verso, $17). Artist and writer Jon Sack tells the real-life saga of Mexican human rights lawyer Lucha Castro, who braves death threats and battles extravagantly corrupt officials to call the world's attention to the murders and mayhem endemic to a country ravaged by drug lords on one side of the border and an insatiable appetite for their product to its north. Sack's documentary-style drawings capture vistas of villages emptied of fearful residents and details of grief and determination on the faces of activists and family members, even as the criminals and the federal police who ineffectually pursue them remain anonymous behind black masks."

Tasers 101

This is a new piece about tasers for LA based radio station KCRW (which aired today on All Things Considered on NPR), with journalist George Lavender (twitter), called Tasers:  A Firsthand Experience.  It accompanies George's piece, Tasers 101, and describes his experience being tased at the LA County Sheriff's Office.  My piece is at the top, followed by a written intro by George, and a soundcloud link where you can listen to the audio piece. 

London Launch May 1st

The London launch of La Lucha is this Friday, May 1st, at the Impact Club near King's Cross.  Please see below.  Wish I could be there...

Friday 1st May @ 6.30pm, Impact Hub, King's Cross, 34B York Way, London N1 9AB, United Kingdom.

Celebrating the launch of the graphic novel 'La Lucha', the first in a series of nonfiction graphic novels documenting the stories of human rights defenders at risk around the world.

Special guests on the night will include human rights defender Lucha Castro, Director of the Centre for Women's Rights, Chihuahua, Mexico, the protagonist of 'La Lucha'.

Autographed copies available on the night with a donation of £20 to support human rights defenders at risk.

"La Lucha: The Story of Lucha Castro and Human Rights in Mexico"
Drawn & Written by Jon Sack
Edited by Adam Shapiro
Preface by Lucha Castro
Refreshments served.

Host: Front Line Defenders


La Lucha out now!!

As of March 31st, La Lucha is available to order or buy in stores.  The release date in the UK is April 20th, but apparently if you order through the Book Depository, you can get it immediately (!). 

Dancing with the Doctor Performance at CAM Raleigh

I'll be performing tonight at the Contemporary Art Museum (Raleigh, NC) in Sarah Anne Johnson's piece Dancing with the Doctor, about her grandmother's harrowing experience of being an unwitting participant in MK Ultra, a CIA funded project experimenting with mind control.   Starts at 7pm tonight and tomorrow night, and 11am on Saturday. 

La Lucha book release!

Finally, after 3 years of work, La Lucha, a graphic novel about human rights defenders in Mexico, is being published by Verso on the 31st of March.  The book is part of a project initiated by Adam Shapiro at Frontline Defenders to use graphic novels to showcase the plight of human rights defenders across the world.  It's been not only an incredible opportunity from the 'struggling artist' perspective, but a pleasure to work with Adam, Lucha and Verso on this project.  Book tour dates are TBC, but should be happening soon.  I'll be using this space to update with any upcoming events or publications.