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Borderlands and peacebuilding: a view from the margins

Just launched yesterday is the new publication from Conciliation Resources, “Borderlands and peacebuilding: a view from the margins”. Included are seven maps I made to accompany case studies on peacebuilding in seven border areas around the world. From C-R’s website:

“This fourth Accord Insight publication looks at peacebuilding in borderland regions and how peace and transition processes address the interests of borderland communities. The publication looks at seven case studies of peacebuilding in borderlands: Bab al-Hawa, Idlib on the Syria-Turkey border; north-eastern Kenya, bordering Somalia and Ethiopia; the Medenine and Tataouine governorates of Tunisia; Northern Ireland; the Donbas region of Ukraine which borders Russia; the Tarai region of Nepal on the border with India; and Shan and Kachin states in Myanmar, bordering China. These show how transition processes look very different when viewed from the margins of states and provide important lessons for peacebuilding policy and practice.”

Download the pdf here. More info here.